Administrative Services

KM Business Services (Yorkshire) Ltd also offer a bespoke service which gives you all the benefits of having a Personal Assistant without the salary costs, overheads or office space.

It is a service designed for the busy business owner who needs regular support at a low cost.

These are a selection of services we offer to clients:

Complementary Services - Our services are complimentary to the skills a chartered accountant can offer. Some of our clients find that it is more cost effective to use KM Business Services (Yorkshire) Ltd for book keeping, rather than pay accountancy fees for this work, and we work alongside many of our clients existing accountants. We offer a service where the perfect arrangement can be for us to come to you! We’re happy to attend your premises to process your paperwork at a time that suits you.

Billing and invoicing – the paperwork associated with dealing with a customer or supplier can be time consuming and can reduce your time working on your business or gaining new customers. Allow us to remove this burden by billing and invoicing your customers for you. This allows you to maintain your productivity and earnings without unnecessary time off to undertake administrative tasks.

E-mail response– E-mail is a key communication method for customers and businesses. Missing an e-mail or delaying a response can cause you to miss opportunities or annoy customers. We can ensure that you never miss an e-mail and can respond on your behalf, ensuring you never miss an opportunity and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Call answering service – Having your phone answered by a person rather than a machine can improve sales and customer satisfaction. Divert your phone to us when you are on holiday or away from the phone and ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Web research– We can undertake research into almost anything. Whether you are looking for information on your business, your competition or simply want us to research your next holiday we can offer a service that meets your needs. Let us provide you with the information you need without effecting your productivity.

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients so, if you can't find what your looking for Contact us to discuss your needs.